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Introduction to Hardware Lineup

Join Jason Burgeson as he introduces Aruba Network's comprehensive hardware lineup, providing insights into our access points, additional features, mesh networking, configuring mesh via Bluetooth, selecting the right access point, the advanced capabilities of the AP22 Access Point, the benefits of Wi-Fi 6, comparisons with Wi-Fi 5, specialized access points, and a summary of our hardware offerings. Get ready to explore the world of Aruba Networks!

Video Time: 17min 50sec

Aruba Networks - Configuring Aruba Instant On

Join Jason Burgeson as he walks you through the process of configuring Aruba Instant On. From the initial setup to creating a new site, adding devices, configuring network names and passwords, exploring application features, creating networks, and uncovering additional features, this demo provides you with valuable insights into setting up and optimizing your Aruba Instant On network. Stay tuned for helpful conclusions and tips!

Video Time: 23min 24sec

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